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"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?" Cover

"Get Out" Live @ LACM Alumni Spotlight

"White Noise" Live @ LACM

“The Wandering Heart EP” is a collection of five songs written by Adjenai and released as what she likes to call "a songwriting EP". 

In this project, Adjenai is not the primary artist. Instead, she matched her songs with hand-selected vocalists that fit the song’s style and genre. She wrote, arranged and co-produced each song.

Four guest vocalists sing her original songs, with Adjenai singing the title track, “Wandering Heart”. The EP features guest vocalists, Ana Basave on "Supernova", Chitarra on "6 Feet Under", Felish on "Stay for a While," and Madelaine Edmonds on "Beautiful Fragile Doll."Each song has a different feel and a different voice to match.


Following the initial release of "The Wandering Heart EP," Adjenai released all five songs with her vocal. You can listen to the full EP with Adjenai's vocal here